December 19, 2012

Mac Lethal – “Oh my God! You need to see this!”

And I might suck at guitar – but at least I’ve never protested a dead soldier’s funeral,
and I might be losing my hair, but at least I’ve never judged a woman for thinking another woman is beautiful,
and sometimes, I mean sometimes,
I might even text message while I drive,
but I’ve never thanked God when a precious 5 year old child was shot, and died,
What’s it to you? You got something so sick
just busting through you, nutty cuckoo,
it’s so ugly brutal, how you let the money move you,
from being faceless to racist, straight spitting salacious hate fits
no better than Honey BooBoo sitting in her runny doo-doo
bloody voodoo — the clock strikes midnight
now gimme that insight
human beings are so intelligent we gotta be a little bitty better than this right?
but nope, we keep on de-evolving
as billionaires keep on golfing
and the Mayans said the world was gonna stop
as the planet went a POP – but whaddya know? It keeps revolving
speed it up-
Every time I turn the television on
I see another thing reminding me that everything is wrong
I see news people interviewing 5 year old children
not even 30 minutes after witnessing a killing
i know its cliche, but do you remember the Middle East?
do you even care, do you wonder, do you feel at least
worried about how our troops are pulling through it?
do you ever get to thinking about these bullied students?
do you… do you ever consider
the homeless man that’s sleeping under bridges every December
its freezing cold and all he wants is just a sweater or dinner
but not a single one of us can seem to ever remember
too busy caught up in the media frenzy, when a problem
child, gets a gun and goes Gangnam Style
he’s taking a weapon, slipping the clip in
kids are dumpin and hitting the asphalt
I’m thinking half the kids in this country are on bath salts
Illuminati consumer hotties that do pilates
lotta loot and dollars to do photography
shoot her body, bada boom ba bada
azul, Assata Shakur just shot a cop
in Cuba, bounty the beauty’s medulla oblangatta
monumental, menopausal mini-movie fame whores
and that don’t really make sense but, either does the race war
I’m sick and I’m picking a fight, I switch on the brights, I’m slow roastin
I’m getting your mind so open, just like I’m Joe Rogan
Some people are just sick people
even the word retarded can offend people
and between me and the Westboro Baptist church
I’m the one paying taxes first!
I’d rather take a punch from Ving Rhames
than learn morals from King James
so all I’m saying is, even though I love The Constitution
the other day – some things changed