October 3, 2011

Mr. Green – Live from the Streets feat. Peter Gaffney

New episode of Mr. Green’s Live from the Streets.

Presented by Animal Bikes and Chess Move Cartel, Live from the Streets is a video series created by beatmaker Mr. Green and director Sam Lipman-Stern. The series is based around showcasing street musicians and turning their performances into hip hop beats. New episodes will be released
every two weeks.

In the second episode of Live From The Streets you find yourself at Philadelphia’s First Friday with Peter Gaffney, the co-founder/director of Cabaret Redlight. Cabaret Redlight is a Philly based theater group that performs vaudeville, burlesque, spoken word and puppet theater, set to original music by the band The Blazing Cherries. Peter was playing his accordion on the street while promoting for his show “The Man from Orphan Island” (which unfortunately is no longer running) and was cool enough to agree to be a part of Live from the Streets. The beat “Live Gypsy Swing Music” will be available on itunes and at greenhiphop.com very soon. For more information on Peter and his group, check out cabaretredlight.com.

If you know of a street musician or sound that you would
like to see in a future episode, contact:
[email protected]

A full Live from the Streets hip hop album
featuring rappers and singers is in the works.