third verse

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Set 1
Fresh Kils feat Junk, Rel McCoy & D-Sisive – Cradle To The coffin – Disclaimer 
Wordburglar- Rental Patient – MacGuffin Device 
Jon Corbin feat Orijin, Es, Anthony Sawyers & Creo- amplify (megaphone remix)- 12”
Factor Chandelier feat Kay The Aquanaut- Red Ochre – Time Invested II
Shades Of Culture – think twice – Mindstate

Set 2 
Thrust feat Frankenstein- pen and a pad – the chosen are few 
Ambeez & Uncle Fester – ghosted – enjoy 
Noah 23 – Toad Venom – Ikosi Tria 
Classified feat Merkules – Higher – Retrospected
Es – Home – You want a piece of me?
Id Obelus feat oblio, chadio and Mc homeless – place pieces 
Riddlore? – sun rise – West Wing 
Ceschi – teach a rat to fish – this guitar was stolen

Set 3
Billy woods – feat boldly James and gabe nandez- sauvage- Aethiopes 
Aj Seude – thesaurus- hundred year darkness 
Rob Sonic – mink – Latrinalia 
Sole – Post American studies – post American studies 
Self Jupiter – stay a little longer – sexy beast 
Gel Roc – poetry of war – poetry of face 
Homeboy Sandman- kain news – nourishment 
Serengeti – Kenny gave Ajai his rhyme book – Ajai 2

Third Verse Rap Radio
Third Verse Rap Radio
December 14, 2022
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