third verse

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Set 1 
Merkules – always – Cole 
Classified – accept it – retrospective 
Chessclub – Amelia Earhart- these flowers are for you 
Lee Reed feat Kay the Aquanaut 
-gotta get out – before and aftermath 
Kay The Aquanaut and Maki – unkle – The Nautical Blue

Set 2
Rove feat epic – pieces of Blue – if not now 
soso and maki -and yet – if and only if 
Rob crooks – revenant – introducing the ghost 
Gruf and Yy – civil defenses – mental health day 
5.1Nine0.2 – more money than friends – when a name is just a number 
Library steps feat thesis sahib – to friend too fortunate – rap dad real dad 
The Wordburglar- make fun not bore – the mcguffin device

Set 3
Fresh Kils feat Junk, Rel McCoy and D-sisive – Craddle to the coffin – disclaimer 
DL incognito – cassette – what once was will never be 
Factor Chandelier feat moka only – so cold – time invested II
Ambeez and uncle fester feat moka only – finish line – enjoy
The lytics – for my people – float on 
Tough dumplin- the world ain’t the same – foundation for better lyrics 
Kitz Willman – dust on the bookshelf – Royal visit to uranium city

Third Verse Rap Radio
Third Verse Rap Radio
December 28, 2022
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