UGSMAG No. 007


The seventh issue of our quarterly underground hip hop magazine.

56 pages – no ads, full color, 5.5″ x 8.5″

Featuring: Moka Only Interview by Peter Agoston – Illustration by 319 Heads, Masta Ace & Marco Polo Interview by Brian Kayser – Illustration by Aidan Searle, Controller 7 Interview by DJ Jester the Filipino Fist – Illustration by Max Rodgers, P-Minus (ATAK) Interview by Matt Bomarr – Photo by Paul’s daughter, J.M. Harper (director of As We Speak) Interview by Jonathan Balazs – Illustration by 319 Heads, Memorecks Interview by Jonathan Balazs – Photos by Yú, and Gajah Biography by Tommy V – Illustration by 319 Heads