March 20, 2013

Race – “@ War”

New short film from Race, directed by Dave Galaxie.

After 3 tours in the United States military, Capt. Richard Phelix finds himself back home making the difficult task of adjusting to civilian life. Capt. Phelix, a 7 year EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Specialist has seen his share of near death encounters and watched first hand several members of his platoon lose their lives. One of the most dangerous jobs as a soldier, the stress and long term psychological effects can be traumatic. After being diagnosed with PTSD, we find Capt. Phelix riding the daily roller coaster of one war he may never win.

Starring Race Bannon as Capt. Richard Phelix with Dave Galaxie as 1st Lt. Darrow Bridges.