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Edmontosaurus (AOK & Currie)

New album out now from Edmonton’s AOK and producer Currie; featuring guest raps from D-Sisive, Cousin, and Anonymouz. Edmontosaurus by Edmontosaurus ill-legitimate.com @omar_aok

A.O.K. – “Beautiful Earthling”

Video from A.O.K.’s Q Without U, listen and download the album now at aokassaultofknowledge.bandcamp.com. Directed by Mike Robertson. @omar_aok @highwirefilms @rikemobertson assaultofknowledge.com highwirefilms.com

AOK – Q Without U (album + book)

From Edmonton writer/rapper A.O.K. The project is a juxtaposition of children’s literature, with playful illustrations, and a rap album that’s not for kids at all.



Edmonton rapper AOK’s debut album was released a year ago and it’s called “If You Don’t Buy this CD the Terrorists Win”…



KazMega is an untapped talent, a producer + rapper from Edmonton who few people know about because he has yet to release a debut…

AOK – If you don’t buy this CD the terrorists win

Edmonton is a strange place for hip hop. You never know what to expect when someone new steps up to bat; and you probably have no idea what to expect from AOK’s debut CD, If You Don’t Buy This CD The Terrorists Win.