Armand Hammer – “Dettol”

The new Armand Hammer (ELUCID & billy woods) Paraffin LP is out today! A vinyl only release from Backwoodz Studioz.

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Armand Hammer: New Paraffin LP + “Pergamum” Video

Armand Hammer (ELUCID & billy woods) are back with a new vinyl-only album, 'Paraffin,' out July 13 (pre-order now).

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Armand Hammer – “Barbarians/Overseas”

New 2 song video from Armand Hammer's (Elucid & Billy Woods) Rome LP.

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Armand Hammer – “It Was Written”

First video from the new Armand Hammer (billy woods & Elucid) album, ROME.

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Armand Hammer – “CRWNS”

From the new Armand Hammer (Billy Woods and Elucid) EP Furtive Movements.

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Armand Hammer (Elucid and Billy Woods) – “The Rent is Too Damn High” feat. L’Wren

From the album Race Music. Produced by DOS4GW. Video directed by William Bodega.

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Armand Hammer – “Wille Bosket”

Billy Woods + Elucid = ARMAND HAMMER.

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Cult Favorite

Interview with Cult Favorite, the collaboration between rapper Elucid and producer A.M. Breakups.

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Billy Woods

The man with no face. The man who would be King. William Woods Esquire. Code name Bodega...

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