Cooler Than Cucumbers Records – Salade de Concombres Vol. 2

Free 21 song compilation featuring Thavius Beck, Inoe Oner, Big Pauper, Anubis 5, Wormhole, Haez One, Megabusive, King Rhythm, and more.

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Haez One – “Elegant Decay”

Beat by Laineken.

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David Vangel – “Cool Day Bruce Lee / Cause I Dropped Him”

Released on now sold-out vinyl postcards from Cooler than Cucumbers, you can download these for free.

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AbSUrd – Close To Distantly

Vinyl version of AbSUrd’s Close To Distantly LP is out now on Cooler than Cucumbers. Featuring Babel Fishh, Bleubird, Ceschi, James ...

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Submissions Open for Cooler Than Cucumbers – Salade de Concombres Vol. 2

Submit your music to be included on the upcoming Salade de Concombres Vol. 2 compilation, the follow up to last year’s ...

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Melodica Deathship – “Thirteen”

Off of the new Sunken Path EP from Dublin-based duo Melodica Deathship (MC Exile Eye & Deep Burial). Out May 3rd ...

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Murmur Breeze (Absurd and James P Honey) – Foreshore Reverie

New Murmur Breeze album available on vinyl from Cooler Than Cucumbers / Decorative Stamp. Listen to it here. Buy it here. ...

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Cooler Than Cucumbers’ Saga EP01 – “Cuuuuuuuuuucumbers” video

First episode of Cooler Than Cucumbers stop-motion video series featuring cucumbers animated to original one minute beats.

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Cooler Than Cucumbers – Salade de Concombres Vol. 1

Massive 34 track free download compilation from Cooler Than Cucumbers! Featuring Absurd, Brad Hammers, Walter Gross, Wormhole & Kaigen, Ceschi, Brzowski, ...

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FRKSE (aka rajbot) – FRKSE

FRKSE is back with a dope new self-titled instrumental album, released limited edition style on cassette tape through a collaboration between I Had An Accident Records and Cooler Than Cucumbers.

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Murmur Breeze – “Float” video

Cool paper-puppet video from Murmur Breeze’s upcoming new album on Decorative Stamp / Cooler Than Cucumbers. Video by Lico.

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Cooler Than Cucumbers

Interview with Tiago, founder of the Paris based start-up label Cooler Than Cucumbers.

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