Alias & Doseone – “The Deadener”

From Alias & Doseone's collaborative LP, Less Is Orchestra (out Nov 2). Recorded and completed before the late great Brendon 'Alias' Whitney's passing in March 2018. All proceeds from this release will go to Alias' surviving family.

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VIDEO: A7PHA (Doseone & Mestizo) – “Hand 2 Hand”

New video for the Alias produced "Hand 2 Hand," off of A7PHA's self-titled LP on anticon.

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A7PHA (Doseone & Mestizo) – “Hand 2 Hand” prod. by Alias

Evil second single off of A7PHA's self-titled debut LP, out March 24 on anticon.

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A7PHA (Doseone & Mestizo) – “No Brakes”

A7PHA is the dream team of Doseone & Mestizo. "No Brakes" is the first video from their self-titled LP (produced by Alias), dropping March 24 on anticon.

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VIDEO + FREE EP: Go Dark (Crash & Doseone) – “She Gold”

New video and free download on Go Dark's new 'Hunt Me' EP featuring remixes by Fog, Escaping Animals, Sun Glitters, Loden, and Kuabee.

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Doseone – Enter The Gungeon: Heart in Halves EP Vinyl

New Doseone EP, with raps, exploring the soundtrack he created for the Enter the Gungeon video game. Get it now from ...

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VIDEO: Nevermen (Doseone + Tunde Adebimpe + Mike Patton) – “Mr Mistake”

First video off of the Nevermen LP, out now. Nevermen are Adam “Doseone” Drucker (Anticon/cLOUDDEAD), Tunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio) ...

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Nevermen (Doseone + Tunde Adebimpe + Mike Patton) – “Hate On”

Nevermen’s self-titled debut is officially out today on Lex Records / Ipecac Recordings.

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Nevermen (Doseone + Tunde Adebimpe + Mike Patton) – “Mr Mistake”

Second single from the self-titled album by Nevermen (Doseone + Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio + Mike Patton of ...

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Doseone – “Billion Buildings”

From the Eirik Suhrke produced soundtrack to the video game Gunbrick.

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Doseone & Kozilek – Super Game Jam SoundTrack – “Hard Drive Full Of Horses”

Doseone & Kozilek produced the soundtrack to SUPER GAME JAM, a documentary series about making video games in 48 hours, and ...

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