Drummachinemike - Artistic Differences EP
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Drummachinemike – Artistic Differences EP

This is a collection of remixes, demo versions, and unreleased songs from 2008 to 2014. Featuring Awkward, Deeskee, 2mex, Joe Dub, and Modulok. drummachinemusic.com

Awkward – Remixes *A

Free remix project featuring Open Mike Eagle, Radioinactive, Clipping, N8 Noface, Self Jupiter, Mega Ran, Rheteric Ramirez, Abstract Rude and more.

Drummachinemike - "One Thing" feat. Ceschi

Drummachinemike – “One Thing” feat. Ceschi

https://soundcloud.com/drummachinemike/one-thing-by-drummachinemike Second single off of Drummachinemike’s Drum Machine Music LP, which is out today! Piano and back up vocals by Gregory Pepper. drummachinemike.bandcamp.com