Video: GDP – “Mascara” feat. Wiccaphase

From the Holla album by GDP & The Wrong Address.

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Album Stream: Space Jesus – Close Encounters

Space Jesus’s debut full length out now on Smokers Cough. 13 brand new songs and 3 remixes from Bleep Bloop, Esseks ...

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VIDEO: Space Jesus – “Nawledge” feat. Pipus, Y. Jafar and GDP

First single from Space Jesus’ debut full-length, Close Encounters, out 11/10/15 on Smokers Cough.

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Big Breakfast – “Player”

Video by Mike Petrow. From Big Breakfast’s digital single “Player” out now on Smokers Cough.

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Smokers Cough 2

2015 sampler from Brooklyn's Smokers Cough Records featuring #$ (GDP & Space Jesus), Emily Rugburn aka TMFSE, Big Breakfast, DOS4GW, Esseks, Keyboard Kid, Wicca Phase and more.

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GDP – “Limousine”

Produced by Hot Sugar. Directed by Mike Petrow.

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GDP – “Eighteen”

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GDP – “The Next Day”

Available on Smokers Cough Sampler 1.

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GDP feat. Pistol – “Social Enema”

From GDP’s Useless Eaters, out now on Run For Cover Records.

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