OneWerd – Alive

New album for Fake Four's #FREEcember series from emcee/producer OneWerd. Featuring guest spots from Sole, Ceschi, Graves 33, Sleep of Oldominion, Gajah, and Ersatz Splynter.

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Graves 33 – “American Hypocrite”

New Graves 33 video, directed by Dyllyn Greenwood.

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Sixo – “War Games” feat. Onry Ozzborn

Second video off of Sixo's upcoming album, The Odds of Free Will, out April 20 on Fake Four Inc. Video directed by Graves 33.

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Graves 33 – “Park the Car” feat. Randy Hansen

New video from the Graves 33 album Anatomy, featuring his father, guitarist Randy Hansen.

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Ghost Palace – Road to Nowhere (Still Running)

Stream the new album from Ghost Palace, featuring Onry Ozzborn, Graves 33 & Barfly.

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VIDEO: Ghost Palace – “Vampires”

New Ghost Palace (Evolve, Progency, Rob Castro) video from the upcoming album, Road To Nowhere (Still Running), dropping in early November. ...

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VIDEO: Graves 33 – “Under A Microscope” feat. Grayskul

New Graves 33 video off of his Diogenes produced EP, Life On Other Planets

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FREE LP + Video: Ersatz Splynter – Lalochezia

Free LP from Fresno, CA emcee/producer Ersatz Splynter. Lalochezia is the last of Fake Four’s annual Freecember set of releases and ...

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Doze – Pay Dues Forever

New album from producer Doze featuring Astronautalis, Blueprint, Ceschi, C-Rayz Walz, Dem Atlas, Ecid, Evolve, Graves 33, Grayskul, Lucas Dix (of Jellyfish Brigade), Qwazaar, Qwel, and Wantedallah.

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Graves 33 – “You Always Knew” prod. Diogenes

Video from the new Life On Other Planets EP, out now.

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Sammy Warm Hands – “Vacant Eyes”

“Vacant Eyes” is the lead single and title track from the new Sammy Warm Hands album. Graves 33 both produced the ...

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Ghost Palace – “Misanthrope”

Video from Texas’ Ghost Palace, directed by Graves 33.

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