Los Feo Faces – WotDogLikeGo Episode 13 (ft. Chicharones, JFK, Everybody Knows)

TV show from the Los Feo Faces collective. This episode focuses on the 2010 Swine & Dash tour with Josh Martinez, ...

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2Mex & Maiselph – Like Farther…Like Sun LP

New album out today; featuring Exile, Andreas Aristotle Dunlap, Sully, Dibiase, Bleubird and more.

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HeadDress (Verble + Existereo) – “Moe’s Art”

From HeadDress’ upcoming release on Grimm Image.

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2Mex & Maiselph – “Miles Away”

Video from the forthcoming LP, Like Farther…Like Sun.

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Verble – “Cement Blocks”

New video from Verble, directed by – The Phony Franchize. grimmimage.com

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Verble – “Famous Nobody”

New video from Verble, directed by The Phony Franchize. grimmimage.com

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Who The F*ck Is Grimm Image??

2Mex and Xoloxanxinxo explain the Grimm Image label and it’s roster.

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Knives and Gasoline (Deeskee & Stacey Dee)

We caught up with Knives and Gasoline a few days before the release of their debut album "Love Songs For Crime Scenes."

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Flash Bang Grenada (Busdriver & Nocando) – “Moisturizer” Video [prod. by Mexicans With Guns]”

Video from Flash Bang Grenada’s album, 10 Haters, out today on Hellfyre Club Records. Directed by Annabel Feeney. hellfyreclub.com grimmimage.com

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San Francisco based beat maker and monome builder. Edison has been button pushing his way to a high seat as a beat lord, especially after the recent release of the Les Swashbuckling Napoleons album 'Fuck!'

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Les Swashbuckling Napoleons (Bleubird + Thesis Sahib + Edison) – Fuck!

The debut album from Les Swashbuckling Napoleons is finally out, with Bleubird & Thesis Sahib being joined by their newly appointed beat-mason Edison of Papervehicle.

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Candy’s .22 – “Streetlights” video

Muisc video for “Streetlights” from the upcoming Candy’s .22 (Existereo, Barfly) release A Girl And Her Gun on Grimm Image Records. ...

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