Tone Tank ft. Serengeti – “Cop/Boost”

Tone and Serengeti take you through the lives of Lloyd and Lenny - both played by James Woods in the obscure 1988 movies 'Cop' and 'The Boost'.

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Tone Tank: One-Offs & One-Upmanships

Brand new Tone Tank LP featuring Serengeti, Kool A.D., Snafu, Mercury The Maroon, Starpower. Production from J Howells Werthman, Steel Tipped ...

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Mike Boucher & Kool Keith – “Feel This” (prod. Best Thursday Ever)

Best Thursday Ever = Snafu, Scott Thorough, & J. Howells Werthman.

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Modern Shark Sampler Tape Number Three

Free album from the fine folks of Modern Shark; featuring Serengeti, Tone Tank, Scott Thorough, Cool Calm Pete, Big Urban, Cavalier, ...

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Serengeti + Tone Tank + Cool Calm Pete – “Goog”

Three of my favourite rappers, produced by J. Howells Werthman.

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Modern Shark Sampler Tape Number Two

Free six song EP from one of the best new labels around, Modern Shark! Featuring Ladies Big & Tall (Cool Calm Pete & Snafu), StarPower, Scott Thorough, Tone Tank, Instant Cities, Safe, Baje One & J. Howells Werthman.

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Baje One (of Junk Science) & J. Howells Werthman – What’s it Gonna Be?

Limited edition vinyl (100 copies) of Baje One & J. Howells Werthman's new album. Each comes with a lyric-sheet insert that's signed & numbered and all the center labels are hand drawn...

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Modern Shark Sampler Tape Number One

Featuring new music from Junk Science, Cool Calm Pete, Serengeti, Tone Tank, Scott Thorough, and J. Howells Werthman...

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