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Junkaz Lou

Kool Keith - "Answer Phone"

Kool Keith – “Answer Phone”

Produced by Dj Junkaz Lou; from Total Orgasm Volume 2, coming in November. Answer Phone by Kool Keith junkadelicmusic.net facebook.com/junkadelic @UltraMan7000 @junkadelic


Kool Keith – “Goodbye Rap”

Video from Kool Keith’s Love & Danger. The album, which is the 13th of Kool Keith’s career, is out today on Junkadelic Music. Produced by


Kool Keith – “Extra Thoughts” ft. The I.M.O.

New Kool Keith, produced by DJ Junkaz Lou, from the upcoming album Love & Danger, out June 5th Junkadelic Music. [mp3 download] http://twitter.com/ultraman7000 https://www.facebook.com/pages/KOOL-KEITH/55242639551