Scott Da Ros – Layers of Silence

Stream Scott Da Ros’ new instrumental album, Layers of Silence, which is officially out today from Endemik Music / Luana Records ...

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Scott Da Ros – Layers of Silence (Teaser Video 2)

Second teaser from Scott’s upcoming Layers of Silence album (out May 26). The song featured in the video is “Less.” Pre-order ...

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Scott Da Ros – Layers of Silence (Teaser Video)

Teaser video for Scott Da Ros’ new Layers of Silence instrumental LP (out May 26) – pre-order now via Luana Records ...

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John Pain & Egadz – Sinking Swimmer II

New instrumental 10-inch out now on Luana Records.

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Deadly Stare (Scott Da Ros & Vid Cousins) – “Reverse Alchemy / Death Watch Beetle” 7-inch

80 copies in hand made covers with original vintage photos from the 40ies & 50ies, art concept by Flurina Schuler.

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Frkse & Khlyst / Tewz split 7-inch

106 copies on clear/clouded vinyl. All covers are different as they are unintentional collaborations: the artists are unaware discarded remnants of ...

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Playpad Circus / Azabeats – Split 10″

New split 10-inch from Germany’s Playpad Circus and Azabeats. Limited to 100 hand numbered copies in hand stamped covers, out now ...

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Walter Gross – Coward

New tape and a video of the title track. “30 minutes of fucked up experiments, soundscapes, one-offs, wg raps, neck breakers, ...

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Maki – “Leaving Exarchia / Grayscale” 7-inch

Dope new instrumental record from Maki and Switzerland's Luana Records.

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Héliodrome – “Black Meat / Looking For Dr Benway” 7-inch

Dope new instrumental 7-inch from Montreal trio Héliodrome (Khyro, y.p.l. and Eric Gingras). Out now on Luana Records and limited to ...

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M. Fusion – “Deep Hurting” 7-inch

New three track M. Fusion 7-inch out now on Switzerland’s Luana Records. Limited to 100 hand-numbered units on colored vinyl in ...

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