Babelfishh – To Do Without

Video for the title track from Babelfishh's new 7-inch, To Do Without, a 7 song mini album out now on Mism Records.

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Mattr - A Brief History Of Nothing

VIDEO: Mattr – “Dying For Beginners”

Three part video from Swiss producer Mattr, off of his new album A Brief History of Nothing – out now via Anette Records / Mism Records.

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VIDEO: Maki – “Shake Your Chains to Earth like Dew”

Video off of Maki’s first full-length instrumental project, We Will Not Lead We Will Only Detonate – out now on Endemik/Mism. ...

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Bleubird & Babelfishh – “Money Grinder”

Bombs. From the upcoming Mism 10 12-inch.

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Maki & Soso – “Another Year In The Books”

From the Mism #10 12-inch dropping in November!

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James P Honey – “How to Build an Ark”

New track from A Band Of Buriers front-man James P Honey, off of a split 7-inch single with Les Swashbuckling Napoleons ...

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Glen Porter – “The Devil is a Dancer, the Piper is a Madman”

Promo video for the the new Glen Porter 10-inch on Mism / Ooohh! That’s Heavy. Out 8.28.2012. More info here.

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Tenshun & Babel Fishh – “Arm in a Grinding Wheel”

Video and song from their double 7-inch release on Ooohh! That’s Heavy (US) / Mism Records (EU).

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Mism Records – Bottled Outside In 1964 10-inch EP

New release from Switzerland's Mism Records featuring Ancient Mith, Scott Da Ros, Son Kas, and more. Limited to 302 hand numbered pieces.

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Mism Records

This little label sort of just sprung up under our noses releasing two tasteful little 7"s with plans of more in the future. Mism... they're two guys from Switzerland...

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soso / Motionless split 7-inch

The second release from Swedish label Mism features soso (produced by Maki) and Motionless, a band formed around rapper Pierre the motionless from Amiens, France.

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