V8 as Carlos Imperial – One Dog Night

Pre-order the new limited edition Cassette (includes handmade leather pouch) from V8. 25 tracks with production from DJ Pain 1, Morbidly-O-Beats, Noblonski, Kenny Segal, MJC, K-the-I!!!, Vyle, Purekreation, and more.

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Noblonski & Richard Catesh – “Rusted Gates”

First single from three poetic words, the upcoming collaboration by Noblonski (production) and Richard Catesh (vocals/cuts). The project drops Nov 10 ...

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Hello.L.A. – Label Sampler II

New label sampler from Hello.L.A. featuring Noblonski, Gutter$nipe$, Wep One & Timmo, OptimisGFN, Bloodmoney & Morbidly-O-Beats, Marjen, Hoot & Parlay Droner. ...

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Noblonski Remixed – feat. K-The-I???, Kid Presentable, Ira Lee, Morbidly-O-Beats + more

New release from Hello.L.A. featuring remixes by K-the-I???, Morbidly-O-Beats, The Chukchee, Zo├źn, Marjen, MJC, Limo Depri, For Those Who Still Exist, ...

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Sludge Factorie and Noblonski – Chicago Chrome

New free release from Sludge Factorie (Morbidly-O-Beats + V8) and Noblonski, along with a limited edition CD version. Out now from ...

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Noblonski – “Mila Kunis” ft. Nolto

From German producer Noblonski’s Don’t forget the Chaos album, which also features guest spots from Ira Lee, If Anything and Thorts.

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Cooler Than Cucumbers – Salade de Concombres Vol. 1

Massive 34 track free download compilation from Cooler Than Cucumbers! Featuring Absurd, Brad Hammers, Walter Gross, Wormhole & Kaigen, Ceschi, Brzowski, ...

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