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Pushing Through Darkness

Ghost Palace - Pushing Through Darkness

Ghost Palace – Pushing Through Darkness EP

Brand new EP out today from Ghost Palace (rhymes: Evolve, production: Progeny, bass: Rob Castro). https://www.facebook.com/ghostpalacetx/ https://www.facebook.com/sergio.evolve.hernandez https://www.facebook.com/erick.frias.31 https://www.facebook.com/robcastroatb


Ghost Palace – “Vagabond”

The latest from Texas/Seattle trio Ghost Palace, off of the upcoming Pushing Through Darkness EP. Rhymes: Evolve Production: Progeny Bass: Rob Castro https://www.facebook.com/ghostpalacetx/ https://www.facebook.com/sergio.evolve.hernandez https://www.facebook.com/erick.frias.31