Brandon B. – Expensive Habit

Brand new Brandon B album, ‘Expensive Habit’. Featuring Z-Man, Luke Sick, Eddie K, Dev Rambis, QM, Equipto, and more.

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CrayonBeats Presents: Issa Throwback

Compilation + magazine combo with each artist creating a new track inspired by a song released during their birth year. Featuring Shortrock, QM, Corina Corina, Willie Green, MC Bravado, Elusive, and more.

QM & Ben Waid - I Shoulda Been A Surfer
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QM & Ben Waid – I Shoulda Been A Surfer

Free EP from San Francisco’s QM (from the group Rec League) produced by Ben Waid (Austin TX). Featuring Luke Sick, Eddie K, and LightBulb of Gurp City… plus Richie Cunning, Proe, Maclane of Rec League.