MC Homeless – Still Trapped (2004 – 2009)

New old album from MC Homeless, featuring rarities and collaborations with Thavius Beck, Riddlore, Zoen, Swordplay, K-the-I???, Maki and more.

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Riddlore Interview

New episode of the Rust Belt Hammer podcast featuring Riddlore of C.V.E. speaking on the history on freestyle rapping, stories of LA's rap scene in the 80s, Project Blowed, the Rap Olympics battle against Eminem and more.

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VIDEO: Riddlore & Debmaster – “De La Ghetto”

New video from Riddlore’s DIY or DIE album. Filmed In Kampala Uganda, staring the Wakaliwood Waka Starz. Directed by Derek Debru.

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Riddlore – “Doe Paper / High Timez” Videos

Two new videos from Riddlore’s latest album, DIY or DIE.

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Connect the Machine to the Map: Hip Hop + Shoegaze

New compilation featuring Variex, Brad Hamers, Bleubird, Ceschi, Otem Rellik, Riddlore, Th’Mole, Ancient Mith, James Reindeer, Pierre the Motionless, We Are ...

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Riddlore & Debmaster – “Out of Mind”

Video from Riddlore & Debmaster’s new album DIY or DIE.

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Riddlore & Debmaster – DIY or DIE! Coming soon…

Promo for Riddlore’s new album, DIY or DIE!, produced by France’s Debmaster aka Theodore Knight. Featuring CVE, Busdriver, Ab Rube, NgaFsh, ...

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C Money Burns – Friends With Money

The debut full-length from Portland, Maine-based producer / multi-instrumentalist C Money Burns is out now on Milled Pavement Records and features Brzowski, K-the-I???, Riddlore, MC Homeless, Virtue and more.

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Wordburglar – 3rdburglar

Wordburglar’s new album is out now. Featuring production from Fresh Kils, Beatmason, Timbuktu and Uncle Fes. Guest appearances from Riddlore, ...

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Riders Against the Storm – “Hark” Prod. by Riddlore?

A Riddlore produced track from Austin TX husband and wife duo RAS (Riders Against the Storm). HARK (produced by Riddlore?) by (RAS) ...

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Riddlore – “The Doo Doo”

New Riddlore produced by Theodore Knight.

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