Josh Martinez – “Lay Down My Dogs”

New video from Blotto. Directed by Sapient. Beat by Sapient.

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Pigeon John – “Champagne On My Shoes”

Video off the upcoming Encino Man LP. Directed & edited by Sapient.

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Josh Martinez – “Cross That Road”

Second video from Josh Martinez’ new album, Blotto.

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Josh Martinez – “Ashes” feat. Evil Ebenezer

First video from the new Josh Martinez LP, Blotto. Directed by Stuey Kubrick and co-produced by Stuey and Sapient of Sandpeople.

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Josh Martinez – “My Jacket” feat. Ceschi & Sapient

Blotto by Josh Martinez From Josh Martinez’ upcoming album, Blotto — out Nov 19th (pre-order now).

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Sapient – “Seeking New Skin”

Video from Sapient’s upcoming album Slump, out Feb. 19 on Camobear Records.

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Sapient – “Inglorious Days”

Video off of Sapient’s album Tusks!. Directed by Tim Slusarzcyk & Sapient.

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Sapient – “Many One”

Video for an instrumental track from Sapient’s upcoming album Eaters Vol. 1: Tusks!. Directed by Tim Slusarczyk.

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Sapient – “Greater Than The Gods”

Sapient (producer/emcee behind Northwest rap crew Sandpeople), reworks "Universal Diorama" from his 'Barrels For Feathers' album into a whole new song.

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Onry Ozzborn – No Hoax: Part 2

Second installment of Onry Ozzborn's new free album, No Hoax. Part 2 of 4 parts includes production by M2D2, Nickles Hawkeye and Sapient of Sandpeople, as well as vocal appearances by Debaser and Sarah Bernstein...

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