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Poll: Should we bring back the UGSMAG Forum?

I've been working on an UGSMAG re-design for the past few weeks and the message board question has come up.

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UGSMAG’s 15th Birthday Today

Still Kicking.

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Park-Like Setting + UGSMAG #TBT from 2000

John Smith and mcenroe way back in July of 2000 after a Park-Like Setting show in Edmonton.

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UGSMAG is 14 Years Old Today

Ain’t nothin’ changed.

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UGSMAG on Google+

Since our facebook page is pretty much useless at reaching followers anymore (unless we pay them) we’ve started up a Google+ ...

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UGSMAG Snapbacks

Hats! We have some super limited edition UGSMAG Snapbacks on sale now.

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Subscribe to the UGSMAG Newsletter

We’re going to be giving away hip rap stuff each month, along with new feature announcements and more.

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The SXNY Tour 2014

Presented by The Karma Kids / Uncommon Nasa / Reservoir Sound / UGSMAG.

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$500 USD and a Case of Red Bull

If you posted on the old UGSMAG forum back in the day you’ll definitely appreciate this tattoo.

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Russian Interview About UGSMAG

The Russian hip hop blog ahhmusic.ru recently interviewed me about UGSMAG; here’s the English version of the article…

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