Flobama (feat. Willing, Feral The Earthworm, Protextor) – Live Beats & Bars pt. 1-3

First 3 videos in a new series of live SP-404SX beats from Austin TX's Flobama featuring local emcees Willing, Protextor, and Feral The Earthworm.

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Willing + AO – Closed Set

Splendid new 8 song EP from Austin TX’s Willing, produced by Aaron Oberlin. Stream two songs or download (name your price) the full 8 tracks.

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VIDEO: L-Theanine (Willing + Sadsic) – “The Second Thing”

Live performance video from L-Theanine – Austin TX’s Willing with the raps, and New Jersey’s Sadsic with the beat.

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L-Theanine (Willing + Sadsic) – Fudge Circles Circles

New project from Austin TX emcee Willing and New Jersey producer Sadsic.

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