Words Hurt – The Attitude

New EP from Words Hurt (Alaska + Lang Vo), a rapid burst of 9 songs over 14 minutes.

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Words Hurt (Alaska & Lang Vo) – Soul Music for the Soulless

Dope new release from Words Hurt (Alaska & producer Lang Vo) out now!

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Words Hurt (Alaska & Lang Vo) – Fuck That Pretty Boy Shit

Words Hurt’s debut full-length is out now and features guest spots from Red Pill, Rast RFC and Marilyn Carino.

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Words Hurts – Alkast:Remixes

Remix project produced by Lang Vo with raps by Alaska. Featuring guest spots from Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro, and Elsphinx.

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Words Hurt (Alaska & Lang Vo) – “Killers” feat. Elsphinx

First single from Alaska’s new project with producer Lang Vo, off of the upcoming The Alkast Remixes EP.

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