March 11, 2015

The Kleenrz – “Big Business”

New video from the Kleenrz (Self Jupiter & Kenny Segal). Directed by Daniel Anthony.


He didn’t jump
somebody pushed um off the boat
Norishnicov would float
Hands tied behind his back crissed crossed and chocked
Lets not forget shot
Neck bent back n broke
Ain’t that a joke
Would’ve thought that he’d be smart enough to know
That these people don’t fake the funk
They take their time and tinker take and Poke
There’s no situation the kleenrz can’t control
All your hopes will sink like an anchor
We’ve had people faint before
Its not like we like the gore
Dammit man Kenny can you lock the door
Real definition of a canker sore
I don’t get paid to thank
Get you on a cruise with your island swank
Your body will probably wash ashore by drinking a thousand gallons of drank
Your mellon would swell
Hold up. Swoll up
Your eyes are big as if you’re looking though a fish tank
A starburst hemorrhage surprise
Many hombres lay in Biscayne bay
another day another Holla
scream gimme some of that Listerine
I would love to make all your troubles go down the drain
A dee doo
Debating whether or not i should have the stew
Or the lima bean soup served before 2
Make no mistake i gotta job to do
Just buying some time
The C.E.O of an investment firm Rogers and Sweeney is about to resign
My clients specifically requested that he go flying
They told me to get creative
Someone giggled hysterically but i soon realized that it was me apparently
My company never granted me this option before
‘Im elated
Promoted in the kleenrz organization has definitely been long awaited
Cant wait to tell Dahlia* that her mild mannered sales man has officially made it
A celebration is in order
I’ve arranged to get Carter
Kidnap him after he drops off his daughter
The last kiss from daddy sounds like a movie in the making starring me and Kenny Segal
Act dangles from the roof top of a 50 story high rise by his tube socks
Screaming why me???!!
No props or stunt men
Director chairs, extras and actor trailers
Don’t expect Sean Penn to come through those doors delirious in tears
Fate reared its ugly head
I can imagine that this poor fellow when he woke up this morning didn’t think that by noon he’d be dead
After we let him go.(Dropped)
I made a phone call
“its done” i said
picked up my things n briefcase ate a breath mint and fled..