March 7, 2018

Third Verse: Episode 28 – Ghettosocks

Third Verse: Episode 28 – Ghettosocks
Illustration by 319 Heads

Caught up with the one and only Ghettosocks! It’s been a minute and we got to chat with him about his early beginnings, his process of art, rap and production, as well as the various crews he’s part of and works with. Socks is an incredibly widely and wildly talented guy and was great to get a peak inside of how he manages and executes on everything he’s a part of.

Tracks featured in this episode:
All Systems Go ft Aziz – Alpha Flight (Battle Royale)
Read a Book – Ghettosocks (Get Some Friends)
Guillotine – Ghettosocks (Treat of the Day)
Cybernetic – Teenburger/Herbalizer (Hivemind)
Fantasy Island – Swamp Thing & Ghettosocks (The Octagon)
Sheep’s Clothing – Ghettosocks and DJ Jon Deck (WINE2)
Cathedral ft. Apt – Ghettosocks (FYPT)