October 30, 2018

Third Verse: Episode 35 – DJ Brace

Third Verse: Episode 35 – DJ Brace
Illustration by 319 Heads

We called DJ Brace way down in California, where he’s working on a number of new projects with collaborators across North America! Over the last couple decades of his career, Brace has reset the bar numerous times with his turntabilism, creativity, approach to music creation and conceptualization. He’s got an incredible viewpoint on how he sees music and music equipment and this was a conversation that might change how you view making music as a vehicle of thought!

Tracks featured in this episode:
NH2 – DJ Brace (Nostomania)
Withdrawal – Sound Barriers (Sound Barriers)
NH17 – DJ Brace (Synesthesia)
Space Bubbles – DJ Brace (Apatheia)
Seven Star Park – DJ Brace (China EP)