February 22, 2012

Toothy Wavy (Max B & Isaiah Toothtaker, prod. The Hood Internet) – “Been Told”

First single from the upcoming Toothy Wavy EP.

“Max B’s captivating singing-rapping style helped Jim Jones Hustlers P.O.M.E. reach #5 on Billboard. It looked like Max was destined for stardom…until he was sentenced to 75 years. This should have been the end of the story. But not for Max B, who has been recording raps and hooks through collect calls from jail for an EP called TOOTHY WAVY with fellow felonrapper Isaiah Toothtaker, and Chicago production duo The Hood Internet. The first single “Been Told” provides a glimpse of what TOOTHY WAVY has to offer aside from the common criminal history of Max and Isaiah.”