July 12, 2016

VIDEO: Show Me The Body – “Chrome Exposed”

“This video was finished and set to be released this week a month ago. Its release was not meant to coincide with the atrocities committed against Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The proliferation of cell phone footage documenting black and brown death has the potential to normalize the horrific violence committed against those communities. It is numbing and reinforces roles of those ‘fit’ to be killed and those ‘justified’ to do the killing. It is an American myth that police are present to protect people. Instead they protect social control and private property. Peaceful protests conducted in collaboration with victims’ families are often belittled and demonized within the media due to militarized and racist police tactics, thus reinforcing the American police officer’s license to kill black and brown bodies as long as they wear the badge. It is not our intent to perpetuate or normalize depictions of violent racism, but to hold accountable the men and women who perpetuate it, and question the untouchability of American police.” – @SHOW_METHE_BODY

Download Body War for free at corpus.nyc