001: First things last

Chief and The DoomsdayDevice

Interview by Clemits (@clemits / clemits.bandcamp.com) Illustrations by 319 Heads (@319heads / 319heads.com) Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice (@chiefdoomsday / linktr.ee/ChiefDoomsday)

Bleubird – Anti-Hate Adventure Bois

Interview by 319 Heads (@319heads / 319heads.com) Illustrations by Aidan Searle (@searle.sneer / aidansearleart.bigcartel.com) Photos by Shithouse Mouse (@shithousemouse) Bleubird (@bleubirdy) AHAB (@antihateadventurebois / ahab.life)


Editor / Publisher / Creative Director / Illustrator / Writer / Photographer David Jaguttis (@319heads / 319heads.com) Illustration and Photography Aidan Searle (@searle.sneer / aidansearleart.bigcartel.com)

Song vs. Song

Words by 319 Heads (@319heads / 319heads.com) Illustration by Allan Lorde (@misterlorde / linktr.ee/MisterLorde) – 01 – Serengeti – “Caucs” vs. from Saskatoon to Winnipeg

Id Obelus

Interview by MC Homeless (@rustbelthammer) Id Obelus (@idobelus) Audio Recon (@audioreconllc / audiorecon.us)