Buddy Peace – Vegas Nerve (full length mix)

Brand new 39 min mix with cuts, edits, blends and exclusives featuring B. Dolan, Flying Lotus, Madvillain, Danny Brown, Sage Francis, Serengeti, warrenpeace, and many others.

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QM & Ben Waid – I Shoulda Been A Surfer

Free EP from San Francisco's QM (from the group Rec League) produced by Ben Waid (Austin TX). Featuring Luke Sick, Eddie K, and LightBulb of Gurp City... plus Richie Cunning, Proe, Maclane of Rec League.

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Being a Big Guy Isn't all that Bad

VIDEO: Spoken Nerd – “Being a Big Guy Isn’t all that Bad” feat. Ceschi

Video from Spoken Nerd’s We Are Probably Going To Make It In This World After All album, digital out now + ...

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Yoni Wolf: The Wandering Wolf – Ceschi Ramos

The two old acquaintances, new friends, discuss Ceschi's rap career, his label Fake Four, doing prison time for a major drug charge, relationships over distance and time, and mental illness.

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Redman – “Somebody Got Robbd” feat. Mr. Yellow

Redman – “Somebody Got Robbd” feat. Mr. Yellow

From Redman’s upcoming album The Preload.

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Buck 65 – “Smurf Burps”

Beat by Jorun Bombay. Burps by Buck 65.

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Self-titled instrumental EP from SPLNSHNTS (Parlay Droner & MJC) out now on Hello.L.A. Free Digital Download & Limited Handcrafted CD.

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Triune Gods– “Stacks on Stacks on Stacks on Stacks”

Triune Gods (Bleubird, Scott Da Ros, Sibitt) – “Stacks on Stacks on Stacks on Stacks”

New video for a great track from their ≠Three Cornered World album.

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More Or Les & Recordface – Post Millennium Tension

New concept EP from More Or Les produced by Recordface (OK Cobra), out now on Hand’Solo Records. Featuring guest spots from ...

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The Dirty Sample aka ApeFace – Throwin’ Stones Instrumentals

Free download of new 38 track instrumental album from @thedirtysample

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The Doppelgangaz – Parts Unknown (Free EP + Video)

New free EP and video for “Rox Wid Her”.

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Sargeant & Comrade – Salvage The Soul EP

Dope debut EP from Sargeant & Comrade (Yolanda Sargeant, produced by DJ Comrade aka Whatevski). Featuring guest appearances by Touch, Gift Of Gab, Ouda Ouda and DJ Weezl.

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Big Breakfast – “Hit Single”

Big Breakfast – “Hit Single”

Video off of the Smokers Cough 2015 Sampler – out July 4th.

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LMNO & Mr. Brady – Rearrange [From the album 25/8]

VIDEO: LMNO & Mr. Brady – “Rearrange”

From the album 25/8. Video directed by Deprave.

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L’Orange & Kool Keith – “The Traveler” feat. J-Live

From L’Orange’s upcoming album, Time? Astonishing!, coming July 24 on Mello Music Group.

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