May 23, 2013

Noah23 – Lotus Deities


Noah23 - Lotus Deities

New feature heavy free album from Noah23, 13 tracks with 13 different producers.

1. “Blue Electric Eagle” – Prod. by Dreamcode
2. “Lotus Deity” – Prod. by Toy Trains
3. “Deadly” (featuring Left Leberra) – Prod. by SHMX & Dosage
4. “Giant Squid” (featuring Faces & Yung Gungho) – Prod. by Yawning Boy
5. “Coming Home” (remix of “Comin’ Home” by City and Colour) – Prod. by HunkE
6. “Eater of Souls” (featuring Blam Lord) – Prod. by Greencarpetedstairs
7. “Team Aquarius” (featuring Yung Yadi) – Prod. by Micron Diamond
8. “Do It Up” (featuring Shady Blaze) – Prod. by Party Trash
9. “Flying Yoga Theme Park” (featuring Spz Chaote) – Prod. by FingerSnap Dee
10. “Wave Length” (featuring Pepperboy) – Prod. by Blown
11. “Squeeze the Juice” (featuring Sortahuman) – Prod. by Motëm
12. “Leopard Carpet” (featuring Zach G) – Prod. by Zach G
13. “Yes Indeed” (featuring Spz Chaote) – Prod. by Dynamo414

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