Kool Keith – “Cheesecake”

"Cheesecake" video off of Kool Keith's Feature Magnetic album.

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VIDEO: Mega Ran – “Space Defense Team” feat. Kool Keith & Wordburglar

New video off of Mega Ran’s RNDM album.

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FREE LP: DJ Criminal – Samples & Marbles ft. Gift of Gab, Kool Keith, Blueprint, Illogic + more

A FREE album made entirely from samples of the band Phish, featuring Gift of Gab, Kool Keith, Blueprint, Illogic and more.

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VIDEO: Kool Keith – “Super Hero” feat. MF Doom

From Kool Keith’s new album, Feature Magnetic, out on Mello Music Group.

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Kool Keith – “Super Hero” feat. MF Doom

New single off of Kool Keith upcoming solo album Feature Magnetic – produced by Kool Keith himself, aka Number One Producer. ...

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VIDEO: Analog Brothers – “Country Girl” feat. Kool Keith, Pimp Rex, Marc Live, Ice-T, Black Silver

New video off of the Analog Brothers album, Pimp to Eat, originally released in 2000 and now being re-issued this June ...

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Ray West & Kool Keith – “Man Down” feat. Dave Dar

Taken from the secret cassette that was part of the limited edition version of A Couple of Slices by Ray West ...

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Kool Keith – Total Orgasm 4

New Kook Keith mixtape featuring Ice T, Big Sche Eastwood, Dane Uno and more. Mixed and scratched by Dj Junkaz Lou.

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Kool Keith – “Crack A Bottle” feat. Woozy

New Kool Keith track, produced by Ray West, from Keith’s new Total Orgasm 4 mixtape (dropping Jan 29).

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VIDEO: L’Orange & Kool Keith – “The Green Ray”

From their album Time? Astonishing!.

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