May 27, 2020

Weird Rap presents Interdependence

New compilation album from Weird Rap out now, with 100% of its profits being donated to Mutual Aid Disaster Relief. Featuring Awol One, Beans (of Antipop Consortium), Celestaphone, Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice, Clipping., Cunabear, Duncecap, Kool Keith, Lil Ghostwriter, Mestizo, Mike Ladd, Th’ Mole, Rammellzee, Staplemouth, Teddy Bass, War Church (Sketch185 + Analog(ue) Tape Dispenser), Mr.Yote, Whatever Your Heart Desires & Youngman (MC Paul Barman).

Info on Mutual Aid Disaster Relief’s past and current work, direct donations, volunteer opportunities, and like-minded groups is at