FREE LP: Marathon of Dope Compilation Vol. 2

New M.O.D. compilation featuring Rob Crooks, Nestor Wynrush, Creature, Homeboy Sandman, Birdapres, Timbuktu, Zucchini Drive, Pip Skid, Bazooka Joe, Speed Dial 7, Gruf The Druid, Mike Ladd, Nomad, and more!

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Makegodcry (Mike Ladd + Zucchini Drive) – “Iron Glove”

New video from Makegodcry — consisting of Mike Ladd (US – vocals) and Zucchini Drive (BE/SW – production).

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Makegodcry (Mike Ladd + Zucchini Drive) – “Moscow”

Look for the album Big Tear Blue Sky coming out Dec 13th on Marathon of Dope.

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Makegodcry (Mike Ladd + Zucchini Drive) – “Michael Douglas”

First single from Makegodcry (Mike Ladd vocals and Zucchini Drive production). Look for their first record Big Tear Blue Sky out ...

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Marathon of Dope – Label Sampler Winter 2012

Featuring Mike Ladd, Passage, Pip Skid, Nomad, Zucchini Drive, Birdapres, KaeoFLUX, Elissa P, Rob Crooks, The Gumshoe Strut, Nestor Wynrush, John ...

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Dj Co-op feat. Mike Ladd & Pip Skid – “A$$ Eater”

Hot new club track by Dj Co-op with Mike Ladd and Pip Skid.

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Mike Ladd – Kids and Animals

New Mike Ladd EP for free download from Marathon of Dope, his first solo-release in over 5 years! All songs produced ...

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Speed Dial 7 – Junk Food (mixed by Dj Grazzhoppa)

Features vocals by Pip Skid, Birdapres, Mike Ladd, Marcus Graap (Howler), The Gumshoe Strut, Rob Crooks (Magnum KI), B-Flat (The Lytics), Nomad and Gruf The Druid.

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Mike Ladd – “My Kidz” video

First video from Mike Ladd’s upcoming solo album Kids + Animals, dropping on Marathon of Dope this September. Video directed by ...

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Speed Dial 7 – 11

11, the new album by Speed Dial 7 is out now for free download; featuring Mike Ladd, Pip Skid, Passage, Nomad, Skratch Bastid, Birdapres, Yy, and more.

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Xzircles & Aamir (Escape Artists) Double Album

New double CD from Escape Artists' Xzircles & Aamir; featuring Aceyalone, Myka 9, Awol One, Eligh, Scarub, Bigg Jus, 2Mex, Ellay Khule, Riddlore?, Gel Roc, Mike Ladd, Ceschi, K-the-I???, Thesis Sahib and more!

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Birdapres – Catch An L

New free Birdapres! Produced by Tom De Geeter / Speed Dial 7, the album also features guest spots from Pip Skid, Mike Ladd, John Smith, Cadence Weapon, Nestor Wynrush, and Nomad!

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