• Beans – Nibiru Tut

    New album from Beans (formerly of Antipop Consortium), produced by Ay Fast. Out now on limited cassette + digital from Hello.L.A.

  • Beans – Nights Without Smiles

    New EP from Beans (Antipop Consortium) dropping February 16 on digital and cassette from Hello.L.A.

  • Beans (Antipop Consortium) – “Deathsweater” Video

    Produced by DJ Nobody. Video by The Wilderness. From Bean’s End It All LP on Anticon.

  • Kool A.D. – 19 & 63

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  • Beans – “Blue Movie” video

    Video from Antipop Consortium member Beans’ Anticon debut, End It All. Song produced by Son Lux. Video directed by Jon Leone. adoredandexploited.com anticon.com

  • Beans (Antipop Consortium) – “Deathsweater”

    DJ Nobody produced track from Bean's upcoming album 'End It All', dropping Feb 15 on anticon. The album will be the Antipop Consortium vet's first non self-produced record w/ help from Fourtet, Tobacco, Son Lux, Tunde of TV on the Radio, In Flangranti, members of Interpol, and others.

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