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December 30, 2010

Beans (Antipop Consortium) – “Deathsweater”

Beans - End It All

Download: Beans – “Deathsweater” mp3

DJ Nobody produced track from Bean’s upcoming album End It All, dropping Feb 15 on anticon. The album will be the Antipop Consortium vet’s first non self-produced record w/ help from Fourtet, Tobacco, Son Lux, Tunde of TV on the Radio, In Flangranti, members of Interpol, and others.

1. Superstar Destroyer (Produced by Ade Firth)
2. Deathsweater (Produced by DJ Nobody)
3. Glue Traps (Produced by Four Tet)
4. Electric Eliminator (Produced by Bumps/members of Tortoise)
5. Electric Bitch (Produced by Sam Fog of Interpol)
6. Glass Coffins (Produced by Tobacco)
7. Blue Movie (Produced by Son Lux)
8. Mellow You Out ft. Tunde Adebimpe (Produced by In Flagranti)
9. Air Is Free (Produced by In Flagranti)
10. Forever Living Fresh (Produced by That Kid Prolific)
11. Anvil Falling (Produced by Four Tet)
12. Hardliner (Produced by Fred Bigot)
13. Hunter (Produced by Clark)


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Beans (Antipop Consortium) – “Deathsweater”

6 Responses

  1. ^^^ I agree, Beans is by far the weakest mc in anti pop consortium, I always wished priest and m sayyid would cut him out….which they did for airborn audio but the beats weren’t as dope as old anti pop.

  2. Sweet youre an anti-pop fan. you know i smoked a joint with Priest in my buddy’s car and was asking him about the Isolationist and he was like “Word?! You know that shit!?” crazy times. Just wish i wasn’t so trashed when it happened haha.

  3. M Sayyid was always my favourite. I’ve interviewed both Beans and Priest but never Sayyid. I’m curious for this, but I don’t think any of their later music has been as good as their earlier stuff. And they’re amazing live…

  4. ^^ Yeah man I agree, their earlier shit was the best. And definetly Sayyid’s the best mc in the group. They still rhyme the same, maybe evn a bit better but the beats on their older shit were iller. Priest has the illest voice ever he sounds like he should be 350lbs and dude’s a scrawny little mutherfucker

  5. damn, ya’ll hating on beans! 🙁 i personally think priest is my favorite in anti-pop, but beans’ solo shit is dope! shock city maverick is incredible. plus he can dance. ha