Third Verse: Episode 13 – The Dirty Sample (+ Free EP)

Podcast Interview with The Dirty Sample plus download his new EP featuring Kaboom, Tachichi, Chaka Boy, Fatt Matt, Planit, Hash Mills, and Lesk One.

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Tachichi – “Dive Bar Rap”

A certified banger from the forthcoming "That Chico 90's project" EP.

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Big Fatt & Big Moves – Gods New Juice

New EP from Fatt Matt & DJ Moves featuring Cee!!!!!!, Tachichi, Knowself, and Forgetful Jones. Out now as a name-your-price download.

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VIDEO: Tachichi & Ghettosocks – “I’m The Reason” prod. by DJ Gordski

New Tachichi & Ghettosocks video from their upcoming EP, The Supernovas.

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Tachichi & Moves – Kill List Skill Guide Mixtape

New Mixtape from Tachichi & Moves. Featuring guest spots from Fatt Matt, Cee!!!!!!, RealEyez and Yasmeen Borden.

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Tachichi & Fatt Matt Are…The Jump Off Boys

A collection of some mastered, some unmastered tracks made by Tachichi & Fatt Matt with Ray Ray The Prince, Snak The ...

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Drunken Arseholes – Scotian Gold

New Drunken Arseholes (Moves & Cee!!!!!!!) featuring guest spots from Knowself, Tachichi, King T, Fatt Matt, and Johnny Hardcore.

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Azrael – Volume Room (Prod. by Metawon)

New collaboration album featuring a slew of Canadian rappers including: Birdapres, Chadio, Dragon Fli Empire, Fatt Matt, Jeff Spec, Kaboom, Tachichi ...

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Tachichi & Moves feat. Ghettosocks – “Break Lobster”

New video from the Tachichi & Moves album, Lobstermania, free download here. Video directed by mcenroe.

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Tachichi & Moves – Lobstermania

Free download of last years 'Lobstermania' album.

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Tachichi & Fatt Matt – “Scary Eyes”

New Low Pressure video, produced by Moves & Rhek. Video by Simon Shanke.

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Jump Off Boys (Fatt Matt, Tachichi, Snak the Ripper) – “Not Now”

New video from Fatt Matt, Tachichi, and Snak the Ripper. Filmed & Edited by Simon Shanke.

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