Third Verse: Episode 13 – The Dirty Sample (+ Free EP)

We had a lot of fun talking with Calgary Alberta producer, The Dirty Sample. We spoke about his early days, the Calgary hip hop scene, time living in Vancouver and his multitude of past and upcoming releases!

Tracks featured in this episode:
Starship Trooper – Papa Echo (You Have to Die)
First Dark ft. Fatt Matt, Chaka Boy, Hash Mills, Taichichi – The Dirty Sample (Tuesday Nights on Cordero)
You Media People – The Dirty Sample (Gorilla Shmorilla)
No Heaven No Hell – Planit (Unreleased)

Make sure you check out The Dirt Sample’s new cassette release Tuesday Nights on Cadero, out now on Hand’solo Records. The EP features Kaboom, Tachichi, Chaka Boy, Fatt Matt, Planit, Hash Mills, and Lesk One. Available as a name-your-price download and on cassette (with the b-side featuring exclusive remixes by Metawon, DJ Moves, Touch (who also adds new vocals), DJ Usdneedls (of Hidden Fortress) and Backburner’s More Or Les, Timbuktu, Savilion and Fresh Kils.

Third Verse Extra

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