Jan 28, 2008

Aamir – Underwater Regions


Aamir - Underwater RegionsDope new album from Aamir of Escape Artists, his first solo effort, Underwater Regions. The album features Xczircles, 2mex, Bigg Jus, K-the-i???, Ellay Khule, Maki, Factor, Nomar Slevik, Moshe and many others. Out now on Hawaii’s Siq Records.


  1. Looking forward to getting my copy in the mail…

  2. Moshe

    dope dope album!!

  3. don’t miss this cd… its gonna be illlll!

  4. paul

    What´s the base song (instrumental) 10. one (producided by circuitt)??
    Cuales es la base de la cancion 10. one (producided by circuitt)??
    A que grupo pertenece?
    Who is the woman that song so good?? What´s your band/gruope??
    Thank you!!

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