Apr 2, 2008

Atmosphere – “Guarantees” [Video]



  1. absolutely amazing. lyrically un fucking believable. Wow.

    The singing part at the end nver should have made it, but wow.

    i’m floored.

  2. ceej

    wow, best atmosphere song i’ve heard in years.

  3. Lovely

    I relate to the struggle he speaks of, Isn’t that why we listen to music? to feel something?
    I enjoy a lil melody in my hip hop so singing is welcome.

  4. Manaz

    i dont care how much people say they hate atmosphere/slug, or how whatever, but slug never ceases to make music that I really enjoy.This is dope. I’m excited for the new album.

  5. rollie

    fucking killer, really brave idea

  6. workturkey

    incredible song
    and wow what a incredible video
    one shot with blurs and light effects

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