October 15, 2013

Awards (Thesis Sahib & Funken) – Futuristic Joke EP

Awards (Thesis Sahib & Funken) Cassette EP

Cassette/digital version of their EP up is for pre-order from Endemik.

The Canadian (Thesis) and Frenchman (Funken) became friends through tour soon after became music collaborators. Their first collaborations appeared on Thesis Sahib album Before The End and from this they formed AWARDS. The lyrical portion of Futuristic Jokes was written by Thesis over an extended tour of art and music shows in 2010. His travels to California, Halifax, Sweden and Switzerland provided the inspiration for the writing which eventually took to song in the studio with Funken in Tours, France, of 2011. Funken created all of the music and instrumentation and was joined on a few songs by his friends who happen to be some of the most interesting musicians currently creating in France. Cassette comes with a download card.

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