April 25, 2009

Awol One & Factor – Owl Hours (promo video)


Promo video for the dope new Awol One album Owl Hours, produced by Factor. I’ve been lucky to have had an advance copy of this album for a while now and it kills! Look for it this summer, July 21, on fakefourinc.com

Owl Hours Tracklisting:
01. Glamourous
02. Celebrate
03. Official
04. Stand Up Feat. Myka 9 & Aesop Rock
05. Up Downtown
06. Destination
07. Waste The Wine Feat. Tash & E-Swift (Tha Liks)
08. Back Then Feat. Gregory Pepper & Ceschi
09. Darkness Feat. Sunspot Jonz, Gel Roc & Jizzm
10. Brains Out Feat. Xzibit
11. Sunset Sandwich


13 Responses

  1. BIG UPS to Factor!

    I still think MR X to the Z sold the fuck out HARD to hollywood though IMO…and his music turned to shit after “At the speed of life” pretty much….Then when you started chillin with aftermath….dont even get me started…..”its a shame ni**a’s in the rap game, only for the money and the fame EXTRA LARGE!!!”. Think the second he signed the contract for “Pimp my ride” he ate those fucking words more then Bush did on the Iraq invasion.

  2. This is a ridiculously huge accomplishment.

    This album will be a legendary contribution to Canadian hip hop.

    Straight up and down.

    Congrats and props every which way Factor!

  3. this album is fucking awesome!!
    the Aesop Rock, Myka Nine track is so ridiculously good…..i cant even speak on it..!
    seriously do not sleep on this, definitely some of Factors best work.

    i actually hadn’t seen that cover art yet…looks awesome!