Aug 24, 2010

Baths – “Lovely Bloodflow” video



  1. max prime

    That was cool

  2. Balzac

    this guy and [email protected]!n$ need to do a collabo…….amirite??

  3. metawon

    Yeah this is on point. Baths is dope, check this remix he did for shlomo.

  4. Stripes

    That was the most effed thing Ive witnessed. Dope! I Like!

    Big Ups!

    I donno what kinda music I just listened too, but the video was unreal!!

  5. Royal-T

    can’t beleive they’d waste such an ill beat on such silly ass nonsensical wack vocals and then make a video that’s way too dope for the track.

  6. alter

    ^^^word but its def got my attention towards the future of anticon.

  7. Stripes

    This song is actually growing on me, dont ask me how…..

    At first when I was listening/watching it (before the vocals dropped) and I saw this dude running through the woods with arrows in his back, I thought “oh sick some dope ass emcee is gonna rip this shit in true underground fashion.” Nope, almost the opposite thing happens, and this random high pitched voice comes in talkin about “russeling leafs” I was so confused….but now I kinda like it… “Ruffle these feathers…” hahaha

    Video still doesnt fit the song tho…. video is TOO dope for this track. I think this thing coulda totally went another direction, but thats just my opinion… song is still growing on me, and the beat is nutty!

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