November 25, 2011

Big Pauper – Broke As Me (Tom Waits Beat Tape)

Big Pauper - Broke As Me (Tom Waits Remix Album)

Broke As Me. (Tom Waits Beat Tape). by Big Pauper

Master manipulator Big Pauper offers up a track-for-track remixed version of Tom Waits’ latest album Bad As Me.

This is “Bad As Me” by Tom Waits remixed track for track (in two and a half weeks time) by Big Pauper (Circle Into Square, Folktek) on some serious blowing-off-steam lighthearted i-wanna-feel-good-n-have-fun beat tape shit.This album was a creative exercise in rapid fire beat construction.While the two and a half weeks it took me to create this isn’t exactly light speed it sure beats the seven year duration it took me to complete the “Beyond My Means” LP.

“Bad As Me” needed no improvements, and this offers none. This is not meant to be taken all that seriously. This is what came out of me under an exercise I would typically deem a bit stressful.But I survived and now I move on.

Remixes were constructed using the original songs, other Tom Waits material, a recent Tom Waits interview on NPR, 60’s japanese gangster flicks, the occasional czech new wave flick, a bunch of instruments & a couple of stacks of records.

Short n’ sweet, this record was created with nothing but the utmost respect for Mister Tom Waits & all sampled artists.It is unauthorized & unaffiliated with Anti Records. Now BUY “Bad As Me” at and love that shit. Tom is back!!