January 28, 2009

Bisc1 – The Strange Love Project Remixtape [download]

Bisc1 - The Strange Love Project

Brooklyn, NY – Emcee, graphic artist, and wall painter Bisc1 has joined forces with twenty visual artists and ten producers to reinterpret his 2008 offering When Electric Night Falls (Embedded Music). The result, The Strange Love Project, is a multimedia experience of beats, rhymes, and stunning visuals, and is available now for free download from Bisc1’s website.

Track Listing:

1. NightFall Remix (Prod. By Le Parasite)
2. Turbulence Remix Blend (Prod. By Scott Thorough/Cassettes Won’t Listen)
3. Remixtape Interlude 1
4. Pandemonium Remix feat. Broke MC (Prod. By Broke MC)
5. Remixtape Interlude 2
6. Unconditional Remix (Prod. By Core Rhythm)
7. Sidelines Remix (Prod. By Coole High)
8. Great Escape Remix Blend (Prod. By Esen/Omega One)
9. Remixtape Interlude 3
10. Another Day Remix (Prod. By Kils)
11. Remixtape Interlude 4
12. Strange Love Remix (Prod. By Snafu of Junk Science)