Dec 4, 2009

Brothers Grim feat. Proveli Paragon – “Elevate” video




    that was hilarious, good job! didn’t really like the song though. keep doing your thangs

  2. This video seems confused, like the visual didn’t match the rappers in it or something… not sure exactly what, something seemed off, but i was entertained nonetheless.

  3. Loved this video. I waited forever to see it. Only could pick out a few minor things.
    And fuck Chris Chow anyways.


    i like sluts

  5. and marijuana. Seems like quite the combo!!

  6. Royal-T

    hahaha sick. dope video, you guys keep getting better. keep it up

    I peep all the shit you guys post… now go DL my new album already(peep the link in the forum) and let me know what you think.


    you boys smoke marijuana?

    • AOK

      Those are really bags of freedom herbs. The cops, the sexualized culture, the aviator glasses — it’s like sex is our own police force, and we need to fly away (hence the aviator glasses) with cargo ships of freedom to elevate ourselves.

      Subtext, B. It’s like Film 101.

  8. It would appear so.

    Good vid. Fuck Chow and his schedule.

  9. bigbear

    i wish i got raided by those cops… they look alot more fun then the real ones.

  10. shitty bill

    this is amazing

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