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November 4, 2014

Buriers – “Retreating Tide” (Live) Prod. by Micah P Hinson

From their new Four Songs EP, produced by Micah P Hinson, out soon on 10-inch vinyl and digital download.



Bright-eyed darlings
Cult cult on campus
Dead deer drowned in swimming pool in water hole slip up
A woeful ode to frozen food aisles
And plump pyramids of losing lottery tickets
Where the birds dance their last in the weary light
Cast by distant flaming effigies blinking, ugly, so vast
Suicides beside bulk-bought bibles
On beside tables carved from trees
The trusty old industry fade out collides with a CGI car chase in a hail of canned laughter
They saw the aeroplane disappear into the blue
And knew that one day they too shall disappear